Come with me on an adventure!

Whether it be for one dazzling moment or across many interactions that last throughout the years, this is my personal wish for every single one of them: to put aside our separateness and enjoy this journey together.

I whispered to you at dusk…

“Come with me on an adventure.

We can hold hands and walk slowly, so we won’t be too afraid.

We can stop and rest along the way.

We can leave a trail to find our way home in the moonlight.

There may be terrible things along the way – demons and wild creatures lurking in dark places.

You can be sure though, there will be places we find where our feet can dance and our hearts will sing.

There will be gilt-edged mirrors we can see our faces in, and times when our dreams are so real and close we can touch them.

Come with me and we’ll experience!

I promise I will look out for you, if you’ll look out for me.”



4 thoughts on “Come with me on an adventure!

  1. This is just beautiful! Thank you for continuing your writing.


  2. swirlqueen says:

    Love this!


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