I was dancing when I was aaah

Daily Prompts Third line in the song “Cosmic Dancer”

Thanks to a timely email link, I get to listen to Cosmic Dancer and wonder why I have never known the name of this song. I had thought myself doomed to a lifetime of “I was dancing when I was 12” going round in my head like the abandoned leg of an old teddy bear, familiar, comforting, but ultimately useless and well past its prime.

Speaking of things past their prime, I am lucky not to have kids. What I mean is, kids are lucky not to have me as their mother because I reckon I would top the charts for the most embarrassing mother ever. I confess I have taken up lounge-room dancing with all the verve and passion of a sylph newly awakened from the sleep of a thousand souls. I love to dance, but as a child, I learned to dance which is nowhere near as much fun.

Best of all, I am free to try any ridiculous move my heart desires and sometimes in an unexpected outburst I may turn the music right up to at least halfway. Mostly I spin around on the polished floorboards in my explorer socks which kinda makes me feel more graceful than I probably am. My hair is long enough now for me to have a slight obsession with head-shaking, there is a lot of isolation, hip-swivelling, arm throwing and tricky foot moves (due to the socks) and sometimes I just have to have a little slap on the congas for good measure.

It makes me laugh, it must look utterly ridiculous, I will never know. I do know it’s not cool.

If you haven’t tried this since you were a kid and you have kids and they are not yet embarrassed by you, please, please, please, try! You can sing too if you like. If you have already been slinking off for a spot of lounge-room dancing all undercover and secret-like then don’t tell me because I will want to shout it from the rooftops.

Sorry no time to argue/complain/cry/swear/think/talk/work, too busy dancing…

In the spirit of sharing here are some of my favorite grooves for a quick spin around the floor:
Curtis Mayfield: Don’t Worry (if there’s a hell below, then, we’re all going to go)…oh conga and quinto I love you so
Flight Facilities: Foreign Language…strike a pose
Rudimental: Right Here…right now I am a tiger
Michael Franti: I’m Alive…iron out those kinks
Archie Roach: Song to Sing…and dance and sing and prance and fling, over and over and over she goes, when she’ll stop nobody knows.



  1. If not embarrassing your children was a pre-requisite to being a parent I don’t think anybody could have kids. You are always going to embarrass them to a certain degree I’m sure. When you describe your dancing I can think of several great things that you might be teaching a child. 1) Losing yourself in music such that your body has no choice but to move it shows how valuable music is. Shows your child the passion you have, and even your child doesn’t have the same passion for music he/she would grow to appreciate that you do have passions and that following their passions is a normal and natural thing. 2) Your honest self-expression through body movements teaches a child that communication is as much physical as verbal (perhaps even more so). And the honesty in your expression makes a child value honesty. 3) Sometimes your dancing might look silly. And silliness is a beautiful thing. It’s good to be silly with your children and its good for them to know that silliness is natural and healthy. I am a big believer in have at least one good bout of silliness everyday. Because sometimes you just have to laugh. Sometimes you just have to make a silly face, do a silly dance, make a silly sound. These things are such huge stress reliefs that I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them. 🙂


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