Agrajag: Out with the isms

Ernst Haeckel's "tree of life", Darw...
Ernst Haeckel’s “tree of life”, Darwin’s metaphorical description of the pattern of universal common descent made literal by his greatest popularizer in the German scientific world. This is the English version of Ernst Haeckel’s tree from the The Evolution of Man (Published 1879), one of several depictions of a tree of life by Haeckel. “Man” is at the crown of the tree; for Haeckel, as for many early evolutionists, humans were considered the pinnacle of evolution. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Hi Swarn, is that really your name or are you undercover?

Anyway, less IS more!  You made such a clear point.  The new racism is indirect and designed to make it difficult to speak out. I don’t think of it as sinister, rather a misguided attempt to shape the future of humanity. From my perspective, that is why it so similar to gender oppression and all the other “isms” and silliness that promote arbitrary value judgements over acceptance of biological diversity which is a feature of life as we know it, not something that is subject to the will of one or a group of humans.

In order to ensure a sustainable place for humans in the future scheme of things I believe we must continue to adapt and evolve.  I would say most of our “great leaps forward” have involved collaborative effort, working together in cooperation.

The sheer volume of humans these days is hard to comprehend, just like 4.5 billions years is difficult to comprehend with the conscious mind. However, our nervous system, our brains, our bodies, deal with this reality every day as though big numbers and infinite complexity is nothing special. Perhaps our conscious minds need to allow this almost ancient understanding take an an active part of our everyday thinking for humans to feel safe and supported surrounded by all this visible change?

We are a species that can adapt, that can reason, that can manipulate ourselves and our environment, but we are also “of this earth” or “of this system” and I can see no reason to try to defy that, rather I find it all rather amazing and wonderful. The only way we can truly have an impact in the way racism is attempting, would probably only result in shortening our lifespan or diminishing our options.

Yes, let’s get Agrajag going.

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