Depth of Centre

I mourn the loss of Depth
My one, my only, sweet lover
Cast adrift amongst the stars
And to dust I shall return.

I fought and railed against you
Now the object of my desire
Like crushed chilli in an open wound
Searing the flesh of my existence.

It’s not the ultimate thrill yet
Surpasses this formless, bland, zilch
The cycle continues on a different plane
As I bid you a fond adieu.

My self-image is distraught I feel
Shattering shards of diamond and clay
Chock full of unfinished potential
Burnished down to invisible slivers.

I pray just move from this unholy god-place!
Blocked, stagnant, this pond is still
Through it all bursts an aggressive rosebud
Ignoring the canvas on which I paint.

My physical form is split in twos
North-to-South and East-meets-West
I radiate conflicting ideals
Sparks fly from grappling beliefs.

In the substratum, the earth boils and spits
Rising temperatures bleed molten energy
Suffusing those paths of least resistance
A lava outflow of new, smooth skin.

Shining eyes and hearts and mouths
Explore and touch and taste in wonder
Surely some benevolent god-force
Has sculpted this moment of Grace.


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