En-Courage (i)

We always went flying on Mondays. Today is Monday, because it’s the day we start work. Time measurements are irrelevant…”for Old Time’s sake”. It used to be durable, now Old Man Time is clearly an outmoded idea.

I meant to give you courage. Instead I took you somewhere you didn’t want to go and you found the skew end of a polarity. A bloody all-dimensions psychedelic maze ending in a sinkhole that provided just enough comfort to make you think you went somewhere. Not telling you about polarities: on a good day I forgive myself, on a bad day I blame myself. In all truth there was no time, in every sense and meaning of that old notion.

There is not going to be as many people as we thought, most won’t make it. Damn those humans, don’t you know we are trying to save you? This is why I can’t expand, I am not supposed to care. Those who are ready come freely, riding atop En-Courage and loving it, especially if we are sincere. This is what gives me my edge. It’s also my weakness so you go figure out why I know so much about polarities, then.

To be clear I am not sure I should tell you what happened. I guess you can’t get any lower than the bottom of the food chain and without that personally felt shame they wouldn’t even see me on their plane. Not that seeing me is as essential as being able to interact through any old physical sense. Its true, they don’t often believe it unless they see it which has resulted, so far, in all kinds of shocked reactions, fainting, craziness, cults and the like. Occasionally we can take advantage of these reactions. Sometimes it’s just a pain in the neck. Let’s just say that seeing is the slow way and leave it at that.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve shut down a couple of thought threads in an instant but I’m not trying to conceal information. Context, the order of appearance, this is my responsibility. I elect to give the questions time to form, open your eyes and eventually wake you from the sleep that conceals every answer. Like a daring rescue from a mindless sea of data, these questions liberate their answers, ourselves and basically light the whole world up. That last bit is a personal contribution. I like it when the world is alight.

More soon….


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