The Leader: A high school poem

Man is born, the world’s begun
He makes himself a life
He builds a home, he goes to work
And comes home to his wife

He wears a suit, collar and tie
That’s how earns his pay
He sits behind a great big desk
And negotiates all day

He talks about a better world
With everyone at peace
The whole world would be set at ease
Well, he would be at least

He is loved by all his followers
About a million or two
The rest of the world can “go jump”
That’s what he said to do

We’ll build ourselves a nuclear bomb
And have a great big war
The sooner, the better, he says
It’s already right outside our door

And when the war’s all over
We’ll come out on top
There’ll be no more enemies
And no more bombs to drop

We’ll have to rebuild the town of course
That’s not a hard decision
As long as I’ve got a place to stay
And my good old television.



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