Doing nothing

In the absence of doing
There lies a face in the mirror
Somehow unfamiliar

In the absence of future
There lies no past, but the present
Somehow all-pervading

In the absence of striving
There lies an ease, and achievement?
Somehow unimportant

In the presence of being
I find my home, and it’s fluid
Somehow I am freedom.

Twice and quite recently, I have put forward the concept of wu wei in comments without explaining anything at all. This poem I wrote more than 20 years ago back when I was first becoming aware of this ancient Taoist principle. There was an accompanying lino print that I also made at the time which is now just a memory… I hope the words are enough to give an idea.


3 thoughts on “Doing nothing

  1. Mr. CATSOE says:

    Thought provoking.. Nice indeed.. 🙂


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