Banks! Appreciation Society – Life Membership

I am struggling to understand something and I am hoping someone can help.

Warning: This is a rant so it probably isn’t coherent

Today I received a certificate in the mail for Life Membership of The [insert my own name here] Appreciation Society.

The covering letter suggests that I should hang the certificate in my “entry foyer credenza, the fridge or take it straight to the pool room.” and, wait for it… “Also included is your very real, credit card invitation with a limit of [insert ridiculous sum of money for someone who has no reliable source of income]”. In short they want me to apply for a credit card.

Apparently, this is my reward for being with the same bank for 24 years. Thanks. I now wish I had never opened a bank account. You don’t deserve any profits and, let’s face it you probably wouldn’t make any if you didn’t manipulate government policy. You got bailed out during GFC with phenomenal profits that year, I got nothing except for a bout of unemployment.ย  And now you want me to owe you. I read the letter as, we are so upset that we can’t entice you to take on unsupportable debt after all this time of putting money into our bank, so we are going to hang shit on you instead.

So the very hip, cool and happening marketing department have sent me a certificate announcing that “I LOVE MYSELF” in the hope that it will piss me off enough to rack up mountains of debt.

I do admit that it may not be the fault of the marketing department, it could also be possible that there is a dangerously contagious form of narcissism (otherwise known as “having one’s head up one’s ass”) spreading out of control in Melbourne and the computer caught it.


17 thoughts on “Banks! Appreciation Society – Life Membership

  1. Rivera says:

    Welcome…!!! To a Free & Capitalistic Society..!!
    Where there is only one game played.. And played by only 3 rules.
    The game is: MAKE MONEY..!!
    The rules are;
    1) ANYWAY..
    2) ANYWHERE..
    Hi Robyn.. Glad to see you’re feeling (fill in the blank) this morning.. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Oh, please don’t let me commence about how the banks reap in millions in profits but pay practically nothing on my little CD even though they are borrowing it. Okay, enough of my own rant, but I’m with you!


    • jamborobyn says:

      Based on the types of humans I have met and worked with in my life, I would say the length of time at my bank is seen by that bank as proof of my stupidity. Hence, the thoughtless marketing campaign (it doesn’t matter what we say/do, our customers are so blinded by loyalty that they cannot even read…)

      I might post the certificate back to them and ask them to hang it in THEIR pool room. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. jamborobyn says:

    Hey there, just wanted to let you all know that the bank deleted my post on their Facebook page without responding. They definitely looked at it and it was shared out a few times.

    See what we have to put up with here in Australia… why bother with social media if you are just going to delete everything you don’t agree with? I would have thought NAB could have a laugh considering they stole lines from an iconic Australian comedy film “The Castle” and I hadn’t named them. My post was in that spirit and they were too stupid to understand or capitalise on that. My tongue in cheek rant is now a real thing, hehe. My next post will probably be from jail or the grave – I’m messing with the big guns now, LOL!


  4. I bet they won’t send you anything anymore.


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