Murder on the TV

The wine is sweet
Tart richness against
A velvet backdrop

The voice is sharp
Cracked blitheness enshrouds
A silent heartbreak

The room is stark
White coolness surrounds
A seething tumult

The glass is svelte
Clear brightness reflects
A bloodied dreamscape

The hair is strewn
Death’s freshness presents
A lovely nightmare

The face is sad
Love’s braveness amidst
A mortal outburst

Her life is spent
Hurt weakness beneath
A broken mindset

His life is spent
Eye witness compels
A final judgement


From the grace of the deep, easy
Swimming up to the light of nothingness
We care about how we are, guilty

Neglected we flee from the world’s darkness
Love arises from nowhere, crazy
Impossible to control and endless

We scream at the wrong people, empty
Not knowing if we deserve happiness
Sentenced by those we judge harshly…


10 thoughts on “Murder on the TV

  1. A richness of words and images. Thank you.


  2. Rivera says:

    There is much truth in the words you’ve written.
    Very Nice..!!


  3. Your tight control of the structure gave you wings.
    Really impressive.


  4. This one certainly resonates with me!!!


    • jamborobyn says:

      You know I was watching CSI right and I was thinking, why are they making murder so glamorous? At the same time all these people kept writing posts that stopped me writing for a few days, you know the kind of thing… don’t use adjectives or adverbs or descriptions or whatever, so I took the whole thing as a challenge and I was surprised at the unexpressed ideas that were lurking in the back of my mind.


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