I seek the flow
I end in flames
I seek to grow
We play these games

So I withdraw
And step aside
We all want more
You can’t abide

That I must be
Just as I am
For now I’m free
Oh! gentle lamb

I cannot ride
Upon your dream
Pushed side to side
You lick the cream

And leave me with
Your work and mine
To draw the pith
Or pay the fine

To raise you up
One thousand-fold
To steal your fear
Your hand to hold

To wear the grief
Upon my breast
To act as thief
To your unrest

To smile, to share
Your burdens halved
To be aware
That I am starved

Of love, of faith
Of hope and such
I am the wraith
Under your touch

To yield unto
Eternal shame
To carry you
And shout your name

Til you are sure
I won’t resist
And I am sure
I don’t exist.


12 thoughts on “Nameless

  1. Rivera says:

    Beautiful.. Very touching… A poem to save, and re-read
    Very nicely written.. Truly enjoyed this 🙂


  2. “To raise you up”….to “your touch” are my fav stanzas. You will allow yourself to step out of the shadow and be seen by someone who wants to. See.



    • jamborobyn says:

      Thank you. It’ funny but “to raise you up” is a mistake. Although after I posted I was happy it snuck it’s way in there. It is written to remind me or forewarn me of this predisposition hence it is in a form that delights me. I love rhythm.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Specific feedback is helpful. It’s cool seeing which lines ended up working. I still have reservations on a spot or two w/ the last poem I put up. My husband didn’t put up a like LOL this time bc it wasn’t my best work – which I knew when posting. He said he’s come to expect more from me. 😛 Maybe I’ll run some lines by you before publishing, in the future. =)


      • jamborobyn says:

        Of course you are welcome to do so. I will say that I am finding that I need to dig deeper each time, and to take more care. It must be my voice and not mere descriptions. There must be a reason we personally write and not another person who may have skill but not our unique perspective. I came to this realisation after I noticed I kept saying this to people, LOL! Sometimes I give my lessons to others and I apologise in advance to everyone for that.


  3. your writing soul produces some awesome words. Nice…


  4. Cat says:

    Such beautiful words straight from the heart!


  5. Lorraine Spencer says:

    Love this!

    Liked by 1 person

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