What is the function of a galaxy?

What is the function of a galaxy?
What is the reason we dream?
How far can I travel in proximity
To the ocean by swimming the stream?

Would my mind rip apart in calamities
Should I fall from the back of this horse
That rides through the heart of polarities
And recoils at the notion of force?

I float from the centre of gravity
Today I am left with a question,
What is the goal of humanity –
To what kind of end am I destined?


10 thoughts on “What is the function of a galaxy?

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed the ride. Well done.


    • jamborobyn says:

      So glad you enjoyed it,the feedback is very much appreciated. I have been wondering why your posts aren’t turning up in my reader…doh! I thought I clicked that button weeks ago. Fixed now.


  2. Rivera says:

    The “Professor” ↑ said it all… Very nicely done..!!


  3. Awesome work of poetic art here. Love it


    • jamborobyn says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Scott. Very encouraging. I was over at your blog yesterday and I have to say, you have quite a gift and I hope you are still writing or thinking of starting up again. There is plenty on your site that I haven’t read yet, but the poems I have read so far were beautiful.


  4. That is a great poem, the rhyming pattern is brilliant.


    • jamborobyn says:

      Once a month I try to follow some poetry rules but it’s not as much fun as these kinds of poem to write. I like a bit of rhythm, I like a bit of flow (something I find in your writing) and I love your feedback. Thanks!


  5. B.C Meurk says:

    all things considered….awesome


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