Spirit hatching

Formless strength, cracking
eggshell illusions before
an emerging truth


25 thoughts on “Spirit hatching

  1. Rivera says:

    Very strong..!!!
    Nice… 🙂


  2. Miss Lou says:

    Says so much with so little words!!



  3. Miss Lou says:

    I imagine there was, For me it brings up memories of abusive relationships I witnessed my mother in when I was a child. A few I have dabbled in myself – though my mother learned the lessons and I was blessed enough to learn them along with her.

    Something have found difficult to avoid and even recognise at times is emotional abuse. Sly, harmful manipulative attacks on my worth and well being emotionally.

    Not there right now, but gee, it’s so darn stealth, it’s almost impossible to recognise… until you are stuck in it like quicksand eh!


  4. I love that metaphor “cracking eggshell illusions” – it tells me that 1. something brandnew is about to hatch and 2. how thin those illusions really were. But the incubating and hatching process have their own timing that can’t be rushed.


  5. Nice contrast of the formlessness with the lines of the cracking.


    • jamborobyn says:

      Thank you! I hadn’t thought of that. I had arrived at the conclusion that strength is formless and from that viewpoint many illusions seem to crack apart like eggshells, bringing forth new life, new possibilities. It is so wonderful how people see from different perspectives – speeds the learning and makes it so much more enjoyable. I really appreciate your contribution, thanks for stopping by. 🙂


  6. charlypriest says:

    Thanks for stopping by my crazy blog the other day. I was browsing through your blog and started reading some of the Haiku´s. Is it 5-7-5 syllables? Or it doesn´t strictly have to be like that. I´m asking since I love poetry, follow and viceversa I think about 8 or 9 people who write very good poetry as you do. The reason I´m asking is that one of them told me it didn´t have to be that strict to be a Haiku. I don´t have a clue, I love reading poetry, although I don´t know any techniques nor who the hell to write it. But reading it it´s like therapy to me, calms me down. Very beutiful poems you have here I´ll have to read the story “Go home you black bitch” a long with other stuff. Seems quite something.

    Anyways, I´m your new stalker! And have a happy new year, or first day of the year.


    • jamborobyn says:

      I truly don’t know the rules, I always thought it was 5-7-5 in the traditional form, but looking it up today I see that is not altogether correct. As with any poetry, you can construct it however you wish. So, I reckon that to get started you just write whatever works for you. The key for haiku is two juxtaposing images. If you aren’t sure which form you are using, don’t say anything about the form and call it “free verse” or something. I’ve gone with “random” a lot of the time.

      My approach has to do with rhythm and the feelings that combinations of words can generate. I look for something I call “flow” when I read. Your winning post has that kind of flow that I enjoy, so I think you will be good at writing poetry at some point, as long as you stick to being you.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, I have never been more stoked about gaining a new follower, so welcome! and Happy New Year!


      • charlypriest says:

        Yep, “flow” that was the word that I was trying to find out to express what I like about poetry and writing in general.

        You know what? Since I´m not going to be a proffesional poet and probably not a writer either, or live out of writing, I might as well have fun with it and call myself a free verse poet-writer.

        Happy new year to you too.


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