Ode to recruiters

To broach on those left-winged sentimental mercies
And sing in tune with right-winged ideologies
We stepped to the beat of the drummers and the marchers
They held their own hearts quite apart from the watchers

It was all too clear to be hidden by moments
Of beauty and spirit and relief from such torments
So weighed upon measures by guarded incumbents
Who took sweet delight in their unrestrained comments

To bare-faced lies creating doubt and dishonour
To tug at those heart-strings till woe shone upon her
To whisper and wheedle on bellies they slither
To shout bloody murder till mercy doth wither

In sycophantic rhythm those recruiters mime
Nepotistic derision while wasting our time
The number of supplicants, a badge worn with pride
Their boast during tea-break, “My last applicant cried!”

I’ve learnt to keep simple so my cupboard is bare
I can’t afford vices so I dine on fresh air
Next month I’ll be homeless if I don’t catch a break
Over-aged, over-skilled, overwrought, under-fake.


17 thoughts on “Ode to recruiters

  1. MW Moore says:

    Magnificent, a joy to drink your words.


  2. You’ve got a way with words like no other! This flowed perfectly and packed a whopper and I don’t mean, the burger!! But if by chance someone should question, where’s the beef? This entire poem is filet mignon!!! Prime rib!!! Damn, this is making hungry! LOL!

    A poetic scream!! And I hear ya!


    • jamborobyn says:

      Talk about a way with words..! That is one of the best comments I’ve ever had. I could definitely devour a steak right now!


      • Come on over, I’ll throw some on the grill. I’m knee deep in snow, but don’t you worry. I’ve got something that’ll put ‘fire’ in your veins.

        Seriously though Robyn, your poetry most definitely has something to say and it needs to be heard!


      • jamborobyn says:

        You know, one of the first poems I ever wrote was “The Derelict” and it was about the plight of homeless people. Wish I could remember all of it so I could share. Anyway, there is a convergence of sorts occurring, albeit unplanned, between your mission and mine. I foresee a pincer maneuver from opposite sides of the globe 😉


  3. Passionate and truthful. The way we live, absorbing misery and lies, until there’s nothing left but our demise.


  4. idiotwriter says:

    That last stanza!! Brill Robyn – and hey!!! HAVE a ROCKING wonderfully fabulous roll over into the new year 😉 I think I KNOW what you might just do if you have access to music 😀 ENJOY>


    • jamborobyn says:

      Definitely, I am celebrating the 2013 Best Story Award win just a couple of hours ago. I won non-fiction section for Go Home, You Black Bitch. I haven’t done a post yet, just reblogged the awards post. You have an excellent New Year’s celebration yourself, and thanks for the kind comments – so glad you enjoyed the poem.


      • idiotwriter says:

        ROBYN!!!! YAY!! That is fabulous news 😀 😀 :D…I just wanna hug you babe! MOST deserved. And so now – whats next? or are you just going to get some head space and mull it over first a bit. MAIL me when you get chance 😉 Oh I have a skip in my step now and a big smile on my face and in my heart.


      • Ahhh! So you won!!! I told you that you would! I am going to get me a gypsy outfit, a crystal ball and rename myself, “Madame Shabela!”

        Congratulations!! What can I say, it had WIN written all over it!!! Did I not say, again, that your writing, be it poetry or long story is unique and intriguing and absolutely insists on being heard? Robyn, take your bow!!

        Celebrate the New Year in style and I will drink a toast to YOU! May 2014 love you and bring you joy, goodwill and good friends! Live long and prosper!(Psst! That’s the Vulcan coming out in me!)
        Take care!!
        Madame Shabela formerly known as Shelby! LOL!!!


  5. First of all,congratulations on winning the Best Story Award. It is so well deserved. “Recruiters” is brilliant, cutting and edgy and true.


  6. Cat says:

    Congratulations, Robyn, so well deserved


    • jamborobyn says:

      Thank you, Cat – I wish you a very Happy New Year too. Are you celebrating? I don’t celebrate any of the holidays myself but I love imagining what everyone is up to, some people get so crazy on New Year’s Eve, especially 1999.


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