Celebrating cat-style

Photo Credit: ucumari via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: ucumari via Compfight cc

Jumping out of my skin,
I am
Not quite sure how to begin.

Dancing on ice, I spin,
I am
Feline on a hot roof of tin.

Flying out over cliffs,
I am
Unchained, unwound from the what-if’s.

Piloting racing skiffs,
I am
Sphinx deciphering ancient glyphs.

Drinking new life from old,
I am
No longer left out in the cold.

Smiling at all that is gold,
I am
Lioness broke free from the mold.


20 thoughts on “Celebrating cat-style

  1. Kate Loveton says:

    You do have a way with words! I love not only the lyricism, but the imagery this poem evokes. Wonderful.


  2. This poem evokes images of a playful, skittish cat that can also be pensive as the ‘sphinx deciphering …’ It has got me smiling Robyn. πŸ™‚


  3. “lionness broke free…” Let that be the theme of 2014 – very powerful πŸ™‚


  4. Rivera says:

    “Unchained, unwound from the what-if’s.”,.. What a WONDERFUL way to live one’s life..!!


  5. Every line tells a story. Love the rhythm that carries the great images. As a cat person, this touches base with me. Thank you.


  6. jamborobyn says:

    You’re very welcome! There was a young cat who used to sneak in my balcony window and raise all kinds of havoc, investigating and playing around with whatever she found. I dubbed her “The Visiting Cat” and she was the model for this poem. πŸ™‚


  7. I absolutely love this! Well done.


  8. Okay Robyn, here it is as it went in my head:

    I wasn’t sure I’d take to this, based on the first line.
    And you got away with it. Did very well.
    You capitalized on the form and simplicity while conveying the deeper truths, and your voice really comes through.


  9. B.C Meurk says:

    I really like your poetry. There’s something about it that always resounds ancient and encompassing for me. Your imagery is boundless. One love πŸ™‚


  10. Where are you?
    Come back to us,
    beautiful Australian


  11. vicbriggs says:

    This is a very dynamic poem, Robyn. I love the feel of the motion it engenders.
    I was revisiting some of my older Let’s Talk Opinion posts and was wondering why I wasn’t receiving your posts on my reader any longer. Having taken a few weeks’ break not long ago, I thought that perhaps I have missed them and there will be more to come, and decided to visit your blog to catch up on posts I may have missed during my spell of absence to realise that I must have accidentally unfollowed you. I blame the wordpress app for smartphones: all buttons are truly in too near proximity on such a small screen. Glad to have corrected the issue – missed reading your work!
    Hope you are well. Warm regards,


  12. vicbriggs says:

    PS: I just noticed that this was posted in January, so I was right in my assumption after all. I do hope that you are well and taking a little time to yourself – hopefully working on some wonderful project you will soon share with us. xxx


  13. Miss Lou says:

    Words of ACTION, movement, getting it done actively! #LoveIt

    Coming to the end, I sense a satisfaction, that stuff got done, so to speak…

    For whatever reason, this made me think of my working style, which has often been frustrated by my OCD. I intentionally get on with things now, sometimes in a very anxious state because they are not as perfect as I would like them to be, BUT I want that feeling of getting things done.

    If I work through the uncomfrtableness, I then get a chance to repeat processes and slowly perfect them, until they are being done efficiently and as I would like.. BUT DAMN that learning process is SOOOOOOoooooooooo uncomfortable at times.


    *Looks up*

    Wow, thanks for the Prompt! lol



  14. jamborobyn says:

    Hey Miss Lou πŸ™‚

    That’s a good point you make. I see it as the discomfort always passes, so just get on with it. Straight after I wrote this I stopped blogging for most of the year. Instead I went to work in corporate hell, and on so many occasions things were so impossible to see clearly that I had to use the energies described in this poem and it ALWAYS turned out so much better than I expected/hoped. So it was a damned uncomfortable year but a year where I learnt so much that I wouldn’t trade it for all the tea in China.

    Thank you so much for stopping by, it’s always such a pleasure.


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