Talk to the hand

I often wonder why some people bother saying anything at all. Here’s hoping 2015 has less of these statements and more silence, smiles or good jokes…

I don’t know why I said that.
Thinking’s not in your genes.
It wasn’t me who ordered it.
I don’t know what you mean.

You should have told me sooner
That you might need some aid.
I thought it was a favour –
Friends don’t need to get paid.

How dare you speak to me like
that? Where is your respect?
I didn’t think you’d mind if I
Took credit for your project.

Don’t start again with all that fuss,
I’m over you today.
Go throw yourself under a bus,
You’re always in the way.

Go back to where you came from.
Who do you think you are?
You’ve eyes above your station
You’re being quite bizarre.

You can’t see what they’re thinking
Beneath all that dark skin –
No wonder we can’t trust them,
They’re not allowed to win.

I want to personally thank the lady who said that final bit to me, just last week. Very inspiring, although she said overtake rather than win. I suggested she try reading body language if she found it too difficult to look at black people’s faces. 🙂 She should be a comedian.


5 thoughts on “Talk to the hand

  1. Miss Lou says:


    I try NOT to be #Judgemental, because I KNOW I have many faults.


    #CommonSenseAWOL for the people delivering these statements.

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    • jamborobyn says:

      What cracks me up, is people seem to expect me to be glad they are saying these things. I always want to give them a pat and say “There, there, pumpkin, you just need a Bex and a good lie down.”

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  2. I think you too are somewhat disenchanted despite your great ability to laugh at life.


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