5 January 2009 – why is this in my spanish book?

I’m looking for something at the moment, and I keep coming across strange writings that have disappeared from my memory.

Just now, in my Spanish exercise book, no I don’t know why I looked there –I find the following notes and do a bit of a double-take — did I really write this?  By the way, I still don’t know any Spanish so it’s highly questionable as to whether the exercise book was used for anything useful at all.


I give thanks and thanks to all my blessed relations.
To the one, the everything, the nothing and the everything in between the cosmos.
To all beings and not-yet beings and used to be but now over it beings and absolutely never intended to beings.

Thanks for you being you because then I don’t have to be and I’m experiencing quite enough difficulty with myself – thanks.


It has occurred to me
that most people
are much better at being themselves
than I am
at thinking for them.


Ignorance and assertion
are a very ugly combination.




25 thoughts on “5 January 2009 – why is this in my spanish book?

  1. ddigman says:

    I quote from your post:

    “By the way, I still don’t know any Spanish so it’s highly questionable as to whether the exercise book was used for anything useful at all.”

    Any exercise book carrying these words has been used for something useful.

    This is beautiful.

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  2. ddigman says:

    I, alongside your readership, could say the same.

    Love and peace to you!

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  3. Beautiful indeed although it gave me a chuckle. In honor of your treasured find (and with a little help from Google) I translated your poem in Spanish and hope I captured the true essence of your message.

    Doy gracias y gracias a todos mis relaciones benditas.
    Para el uno, el todo, la nada y el todo en el medio del cosmos.
    Para todos los seres y que todavía no son seres y solía ser, pero ahora sobre el los seres y absolutamente nunca destinados a los seres.
    Gracias por usted que es usted, porque entonces yo no tengo que ser y estoy experimentando suficiente dificultad conmigo mismo – gracias.

    Se me ha ocurrido
    que la mayoría de la gente
    son mucho mejores para ser ellos mismos
    de lo que soy
    a pensar por ellos.

    La ignorancia y la afirmación
    son una combinación muy feo.

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  4. All those are intriguing. I especially like the last one. That just may be one that people are still quoting a hundred years from now (and giving you credit of course.) 🙂
    I’m sometimes amazed when I read stuff I wrote long ago too. It doesn’t even seem like I could have written it.

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    • jamborobyn says:

      My mind is on fire today – it’s got all kinds of projects underway of which it’s told me nothing and all my requests are getting bumped to the end of the queue. Slowly the odd flash of memory is starting to return and I am pretty sure I said that last one out loud in a conversation in the last few months, so on some level I am totally aware of having written it. Yeah, it feels pretty distant though.

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  5. May.. be, the x-book..was not for Spanish..after..all. (scratching my head too) :), and I loved it.

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  6. What a lovely discovery! It’s amazing what we write at various times in our lives, and the patterns that emerge are sometimes tantalizing, especially when we realize we have been working on the same problem for years.

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    • jamborobyn says:

      I agree, it’s quite magical. I am delighted by these kinds of surprises and comforted by that thread of consistency. Reminds me of a quote I read many years ago “See a clear pattern running through all of your lives. Nothing is by chance”


  7. Robyn, no matter where you be, who you be, how you be and why you be; you will always BE the best human being!

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    • jamborobyn says:

      Oh Shelby! Some days I wish you lived just down the street and we were laughing together. You took the “be” game to a whole other level. I have another version of that game which I believe (can’t be sure now) hasn’t been written down – from a kids TV show – Mr & Mrs Do-Bee and Don’t Bee. I’m half-inclined to encourage you to write their truth-serum induced speech about the state of things. We can learn a lot from bees.

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      • We would have fun, that’s for sure! Unfortunately because of my penchant for telling it like it is, I’m probably on the ‘no-fly’ list and would quite frankly, have to row myself to where you are because they probably would not issue me a passport even to board a slow boat. I truly believe that the only place that I am welcome is Guantanamo. LOL!!

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  8. Cat says:

    Hola, Buenas tardes Robyn. Que tal? Lovely words, particularly liked the middle

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  9. sojourner says:

    “Ignorance and assertion
    are a very ugly combination.”

    And dangerous as well! This should be the quote of all quotes for the age we live in!

    I’m a musician/composer, by trade, and over the years, I have run across scraps of music that I evidently jotted down at some point. It’s always fascinating to go to the keyboard and hear these remnants of my imagination: some are good and some are really, really bad, just like my completed music;-)

    Your remnants, here, are excellent!!

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    • jamborobyn says:

      Why thank you Sojourner. For me the ignorance/assertion combo is like the silent assassin – a weakness of mine, because I am reluctant to judge. But I’ve had my face rubbed in the dirt enough times to be clear on the message of people who assert their right to ignorance.

      I’ve never considered the perspective of a composer – are those things you rediscover, are they concepts/ideas or simply sounds…? Sorry, I’m quite curious about different mediums for creative expression.


  10. sojourner says:

    Great question.

    I guess I would have to say both: concepts/ideas and sounds. Of course, what I remember, first, when I run across one, is the sound. And then more comes back to me: where I was when I jotted it down, what my mood was at that time, and what medium I had in mind: orchestra, small ensemble, or solo piano, etc.

    When I write on my blog, I am motivated by concepts and ideas. But with music, it comes down to what “moves” me, emotionally, it’s more esoteric/spiritual in nature. It’s odd, I guess I’ve never really considered this before. Thanks for asking about this, it’s something I’m going to consider.

    Yours, by the way, is a wonderful trait to possess, being reluctant to judge. I’m afraid I have yet to achieve that kind of maturity. In this day and age, I feel I’m doing okay, if I simply don’t hate too much that day.

    Take care!

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    • jamborobyn says:

      Cheers Sojourner, I have learned a great deal from your thoughtful response. The process of creating music is something that I am fascinated by and now even m more so. I hope I get to listen to some of your compositions at some stage… and of course, I look forward to reading more of your posts.


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