Surrender: Jambo Style

Let us move towards this future
The one we imagined
The one that had us filled with such hope!

Let’s be that now

And if we’re particularly lucky
Which some, if not all of us, most certainly are
We’ll get to live it


21 thoughts on “Surrender: Jambo Style

  1. A positive note! I like this Robyn.

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  2. Rivera says:

    “Hope”… Always springs eternal.

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  3. Lorraine Spencer says:

    Here’s to a great 2015!

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  4. I sometimes hesitantly hover over that ‘publish’ button but after I get up the nerve to click it, I’m glad that I did and that makes me doubly glad that you clicked the ‘publish’ button on this one!

    Thanks for sharing Robyn!

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  5. Short and sweet and so full of hope

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  6. The last line of the novel “The Planet of Junior Brown” is spoken by a young African-American boy to a small crowd of homeless children gathered in an abandoned warehouse:

    “We are here to learn to live for one another”

    Your brave poem immediately brought that scene to mind, and moved me in much the same way, expressing the only thing I know about faith. Thank-you for writing it Robyn. It’s beautiful.

    P.S. Sorry if I have bumbled the poem’s meaning, which would confirm nothing other than rumors that I’m a dunce. (-:

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    • jamborobyn says:

      “We are here to learn to live for one another”

      I almost wish I’d said that – it’s precisely what I mean. One of my strongest memories of being a child trying to understand world events is of a newsclip from the late 70’s where thousands of Polish workers are crying out, “Solidarnos!” It struck me both then and now that this sentiment [unity/solidarity] is a precondition for peaceful freedom.

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  7. I only recently found out how people in South Africa sign off to comrades:
    “All the strength!”

    Be well, Senora Poet

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  8. It’s a lighter voice I hear than I have. Love the hOpe. =)

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