How many people died on your watch?

Perhaps we should judge the worth of global leaders on the basis of human sacrifice ratios…

Interviewer: “How many people died on your watch?”

Global Leader: “If you factor in this and that and then the other excuse and then look at it backwards whilst standing on your head. Hmm, I’d say… not as many as the previous bloke.”

Interviewer: “Awesome! Have you ever considered aiming for zero? I mean wouldn’t it be great if there were no preventable deaths, anywhere on earth, while you were running the show.”

Global Leader: “Er, that’s impossible and naive…”

Interviewer: “Yes, but you would get points for originality, for just giving it a try, even if it seems utterly hopeless.”

Global Leader: “Don’t be silly, they’d crucify me!”



12 thoughts on “How many people died on your watch?

  1. Wow. I can’t imagine a global leader having this conversation. I can imagine a global leader being asked these questions, but slickly making a 180 out of that territory and into some other safe zone.
    It certainly gives one pause for thought. Some of us should probably pause to think about it a little bit longer than others.

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  2. SaBiscuit says:

    I just can’t express how much I feel what you’re saying. They’re all stage actors to me or another nickname I like from the Ketchup Song, “floppy tangoes”. Peace out.

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  3. Interesting spin, Robyn. I don’t know if you’re into cinema, but I just recently watched “Kingsman: The Secret Service.” You may consider checking it out. Ties in nicely with this post. Entertaining, but strangely true.

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  4. Lorraine Spencer says:

    War is so ugly, but at times a necessary evil. Own it, stand behind it no excuses be the leader.

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