White Jazz! Australia taken over by China then sold to India for a Squid

My favourite lines from this hilarious video….

Nazeem Hussain is one very funny man!  His national tour is coming up shortly, so this video is doing the rounds of Facebook.

Very serious warning!!!  If you identify with being white and/or you have no sense of humour – you might want to avoid this little interlude…. just sayin’


12 thoughts on “White Jazz! Australia taken over by China then sold to India for a Squid

  1. As a white, bubblé loving, bread eating milky-bar kid, I find that deeply offensive. Accurate though. And once I stop I laughing, I’ll be even more offended 😉 LOL

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  2. mihrank says:

    wow – you bring such joy and laughter in this post…So glad!! Beautiful!!

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  3. DesertAbba says:

    I am afraid that we shall have to censor this way up here in the home State of US Rep. John Boehner. We old white men of the Republican Party prefer humor that focuses on the real problem, i.e., illegal immigrants and Cadillac-driving Welfare Queens. (I needn’t mention the ethncity of the aforementioned, need I?) We’ve held these opinions for a very long time, but since the reign of our beloved Ronnie RayGun, we’ve been able to publicly propose our Aryan Supremacy as public policy. I know that Rep. Boehner’s skin looks like he showers in a tanning solution, but thank goodness, he passes!

    Still though, despite the prevailing culture in which I find myself, I did LMAO at this piece!

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    • jamborobyn says:

      I am so glad it made you laugh. Love your comment. I immediately developed a puffed up chest, you know from only breathing in not out, and a pompous voice with a very bad fake US accent, or it could have been Irish or Canadian (they all sound the same in this moment) whilst I was reading your comment. Now I’m going to look up a few of those cultural references…Hopefully the bad accent will be gone by the time I’m done.

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      • DesertAbba says:

        You need only effect the pronunciation of our State as ‘ahia,’ to have mastered most of what distinguishes us from the rest of the States. Listen to any national newsbroadcaster from the US and you get most of the flat-lander dialect of Ohioans, aka Ahians. Brian Williams may have imagined stuff, but his accent is about right for our parts of the country. In Ohio, though, one does have to sound like he just got off a wheat-combine or corn-picker to sound just right. And that also means that your forehead will have been shaded from your tan by the bill of your seed-dealer cap; your tan will begin just below your eyes. We also have a pronounced tendency to sound as though, in any conversation in which we can bring the subject to the forefront, that we absolutely hate the Black Man in our WHITE House. If you cannot find the explanations for the cultural allusions I’ve included, write me an I’ll gladly expound.


  4. Loved it, Robyn! You might enjoy a play “Pantomime” by Derek Walcott, if you can get your hands on it somewhere on the internet. It’s role reversal between Robinson Crusoe and his very “uppity” boy Friday. It’s heavily influenced by Caribbean dialect, so some of the expressions might be hard to understand.

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  5. Wah! Wah! Why is everyone always picking on us? We’re so misunderstood….
    Heh Heh

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