On love

I used to idolise people
From afar.
Fallible, flawed, futile
Fumbling in the dark one day,
Flying at rainbows the next.
Measuring the dimensions of my worth
By the extent of my forgiveness.

Catching a whiff of the words we choose
Through echo memories
I hear you –
Same same but different
Now I love with everything I have.

Still yet to fathom personal love.
Arms stretched wide
Around our entire existence,
Past the finish line,
Willing to survival,
Willing to peace,
Manifests as no time for you and me.

But I felt so alone
When everyone was framed in gold
And I was the frightful straw doll,
Bent and damp with despair,
Freedom and fairness
Frustratingly out of grasp.

I want to love you alone
But I’m scared you’ll be knocked flat.


My inspiration:
Here’s a truly excellent piece of writing — Why We Love — on a topic I’m not usually the least bit interested in. Still… it worked it’s magic.



      1. Your blog is a joy. I love to read and I can relate to so much of what you write… I’m kind of taking my time working my way through the posts, savouring the experience. I’m the kid who made their easter eggs last until June, because I love chocolate.

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  1. When we idolize people, they only have one way to go from the pedestal we’ve placed them on: down. The idols contain our own “golden” shadow. What we project on others is really what we are afraid to claim within ourselves.
    Love is always such a risky endeavor after betrayal. Trust is even harder – because the idols never remain on the pedestal. Loving ourselves with all of our faults and shortcomings – and talents and strengths – is the miracle that will allow the others to be seen the same way. Then the playing field is level.
    Love and Respect…

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  2. Poignant honesty (though this characterizes your poetry in gen’l).
    I really like:

    “Arms stretched wide
    Around our entire existence,”

    and the doll imagery.

    I was excited in the reading for this place you are in the journey, R. You would not have written this last year, I think, confess those last two lines. Just awesome.

    I’m not seeing the link to my blog under any suggested readings. =)

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    1. Yes, I was asking whether it’s OK to include the link… I will update the post if it is. You are right, this time last year I was totally clueless in comparison to now – but ain’t that always the way? You can see, hopefully, how I was able to recognise myself through your words… it prepared the ground for a kind of growth that I couldn’t have imagined. Thank you.


      1. “prepared the ground for a kind of growth that I couldn’t have imagined.” Amazing. How precious to be sharing in this transformation with you, R. Yes, reblogs and link-backs are always fine – not to presume upon the future =). Just for the record, while we’re on the topic. Thanks.


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