Power and grace


Photo Credit: aarrgh via Compfight cc

Encircling the vine
Panther eyes gleaming
Surveying the air
Each whisker twitching
With felid foresight
Stealth-hearted breathing
Languorous of limb
Velvet paws prodding
Solemnly wide-jawed
Yawn into dreaming
The ghost of the night
Sleeps after the hunt.


7 thoughts on “Power and grace

  1. Rivera says:

    I actually knew people very much like this. πŸ˜‰

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  2. Deep rest after accomplishment?

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    • jamborobyn says:

      Perhaps. The nature or medicine of panther is strong around me at the moment. I actually see one slightly to the right of me (in my mind of course). More than 20 years ago I participated in a ceremony where we were supposed to go and meet our totem animals – you know, shaman drumming and all that. I failed at the time. Then a few days ago up pops this panther and as soon as I wrote this poem I understood that the ceremony maybe took an awful long time to complete. Now that she’s here, it is indeed time for deep rest.

      So I’m not sure whether that is accomplishment. What do you think?

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      • These totem animals have their own time table….amazing, how things come to fruition so many years later. I created some art work many, many years ago and only during a meditation, the image popped back in my mind and I knew its deeper meaning.
        Yes, something has completed within you, I believe.

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  3. Lorraine Spencer says:

    Very nice Robyn!

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