On this day

This morning’s glance at the front page of the newspaper has left me heartbroken for the sacrifice of this boy… http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-12/jake-bilardi-islamic-state-alleged-blog-radicalisation-journey/6306844

I am of the ocean
Hear me sing
Of all that’s passed my way
This day.

I have left the ocean
See me fly
Blind men and fools cry out

I dream of the ocean
Feel my heart
This truth-seeking missile

I weep for the ocean
Watch me fade
Beyond existence, my plight

If they could see what I have become
United in sacrifice
Glorious and deliberate
Calm and convicted
Alone and desperate
I will name this moment –

On this day
I will exist.



15 thoughts on “On this day

  1. I find it amazing how you are able to imagine his state of mind – counting only by killing himself (and others). I listened to an amazing interview on NPR recently with a young British-Pakistani Muslim who used to be a radical, then realized the fascist nature of the ideologists around him and left that path. He is now running for a seat in the British Parliament and has created a think tank.http://www.npr.org/2015/01/15/377442344/how-orwells-animal-farm-led-a-radical-muslim-to-moderation

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    • jamborobyn says:

      I could be completely wrong about his state of mind, it just feels this way to me. Pretty fantastic to read that Nawaz has stepped off the path of almost-guaranteed-destruction and onto the road of having a go at doing something positive to influence the situation.

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  2. SaBiscuit says:

    His sacrifice is sad and unfortunate. Is there a way for us to free ourselves from oppression behind the scenes without the bloodshed? How does killing the also oppressed help the cause, especially if people like him are labelled and their stories edited, repackaged and retold by the very people he’s fed up with.

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    • jamborobyn says:

      Yes, I think there is a way to free ourselves. The key being in the words ‘free ourselves’. First we have to know that we are worth freeing, not just shouting out the words hoping someone will rescue us. The only people with the skills and wherewithal to free us are ourselves. From this perspective it would seem inappropriate to offer oneself up for sacrifice – we need our living bodies to take action in the world. I am of the mind that we all hold a piece of the puzzle and our most important task in life is to bring all these individually-perceived truths into existence so that they contribute positively to our shared experience. It’s no good/fun or pointless unless everyone makes it

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      • SaBiscuit says:

        I agree that “we need our living bodies to take action in the world”. I used to bury my head under a bushel and then I realised that if everyone does that, the kids will make a mess of the room without being checked on it. It was hard going at first, thinking no one would listen, but I realise that many people feel the same way, but fear reprisal and ostracism if they speak up first. You’re right. We all know we’re getting a raw deal, but the thing to do is dig in and stick it out on our own terms. Thank you again, SB.

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      • jamborobyn says:

        Thought I might share a little bonus story I wrote on FB about what happened just after I wrote this today.
        I felt so sad about this news that I decided I had to do something to cheer myself up… About half an hour went by before the doorbell went off. There was, however, no response from the intercom so I made the uncommon decision (for me) to actually answer the door. I ran downstairs with bare feet and hair flying everywhere. Standing outside was this lovely Sikh gentleman with a delivery for me. Once we had sorted out the paperwork he turned to me and grinned, “Your hair!” he said. “Yes!” I grinned back at him. He then proceeded to explain, nervously at first, that he wears a turban because his hair is just like mine and he has a photo he has taken recently for his daughter, etc. Next thing I know he’s rushed off to the van to get his phone and we are laughing and smiling at photos of him and his beautiful tiny daughter with wild flowing curls and faces full of joy.

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      • SaBiscuit says:

        That’s cute. I am so glad he appreciated you.

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  3. Lorraine Spencer says:

    This is very sad indeed but your words are right on point and heart felt. Thanks for thinking so deeply on the matter that you were inspired to write a poem. We don’t always write about things that move us or touch us so deeply.

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  4. I of July says:

    your word arrangement makes for interesting interpretation… nicely done 🙂

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    • jamborobyn says:

      Thank you! Initially, when creating this post, I was going to write a note about how I was trying to demonstrate the interaction of the many voices influencing the total loss of hope that results in self-annihilation. But then it sounded like so much Tosh that I decided to leave it be. 😉


  5. This is very, very sad. Thank you for sharing this sadness in beautiful poetry.

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