There is no place for me here
Watching the evil accumulate
Turn back on itself and reproduce
Exponentially, overloading the senses
Until some days I wish it would all simply split apart –
The entire cosmos
The malignancy of civilised existence
An abhorrent, recurrent, shock

Consume, consume, gorge and regurgitate
Consume in ever-increasing cycles
That distinctive taint
Our instinctive taste for
Racing towards extinction
Oh! It’s not happening fast enough for you?

So you’ll bomb them into submission
Punish them into collusion with your
Violently warped illusions
Make them strive beyond reason
Until interdependence is banished as treason
Exiled from from the commonly conscious
And once again relegated to the home
Of foolish myths for the idealogues

Perhaps the only human way to experience
A fleeting time-speck of control
Over the magnificence of existence
Is to bring all that is life
All that opposes your every whim
To it’s earliest devastation

The darkness is accumulating
Many notches on the strop
The era of the whipping-boy
Is alive on every street
I’ve got a hopeless wish
There might come a day where
Humankind will understand
This is not freedom.


17 thoughts on “No

  1. Nomzi Kumalo says:

    Did you ever read my poem called “The Orgy is over”?

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  2. sojourner says:

    “Perhaps the only human way to experience
    A fleeting time-speck of control
    Over the magnificence of existence
    Is to bring all that is life
    All that opposes your every whim
    To it’s earliest devastation”

    In great frustration and anger, I told a friend the other day, Maybe there needs to be annihilation, a nuclear war, and then maybe those left (if there are any) will finally awaken and say, “No More!”

    Everything is going to hell, and there seems to be only a few of us who are awake enough to recognize it.

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    • jamborobyn says:

      I hear you! I don’t know what type of person one has to be to remain oblivious to the obvious. No matter how hard I try not to get angry about it all, I am deeply ashamed for the history we are creating. Look at the picture of our Aussie PM explaining to schoolchildren how important it is for us to bomb Syria…
      Completely insane!

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      • sojourner says:

        “Islamic Terrorism,” “National Security” and “For the Greater Good:” the primary excuses, the irrational rationale, used for the raping, pillaging and mass murdering of the disenfranchised peoples in “third world” countries, in particular: the “spreading of democracy.”

        I couldn’t listen to the entire video, because he is a nauseating stooge just like Obama and all the rest. But I heard enough to recognize the same old mind-control, the same old propaganda that so many continue to fall for.

        I hear you, Robyn. I changed my blog a couple months back and swore to blog mainly on what we should be doing, a more positive approach, as opposed to the negative. But that lasted for about a week.

        There is just too much wrong taking place in this world to look away and say nothing, or try to do something about it.

        I wish I had something to say that wasn’t negative, I really do!

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      • jamborobyn says:

        The day after I wrote this, I finally accepted that the way things are has gathered too much momentum, the only way out of it is to go through it – to endure.

        When I was a child I was often in trouble with my mum for various reasons and she used to threaten to hit me (about 5 mins before she actually did so). For a long time I used to resist the fear but nothing I did made any difference to the outcome. Then one day I learned a neat trick – quite by accident. I actually let the fear overwhelm me, I welcomed it, and what happened was that my whole body just collapsed to the ground in an instant. My mum could not actually hold on to me – so she ended up swinging at fresh air whilst I slithered away on the ground like a snake. There is no way I could have concocted such an elusive maneuver in my conscious mind, but ever since then I have been aware that if something’s too difficult to fight – you just gotta go with it and let your basic nature do it’s thing – regardless of the outcome. Otherwise, why do we even exist if not to live out who we are?

        In the last 24 hours I have seen so much proof that an entirely different and beautiful aspect of reality is being lived – out there on the fringes and in the minority, sure. Yet the ripple of truth, freedom and light that is circulating like waves around the globe of humanity at any one time, tiny as it seems, is just enough to sustain us. Your truth is never negative, it is like manna. Thank you, Sojourner.

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  3. sojourner says:

    Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement, Robyn!

    Yes, I agree completely. All we can and should do is live our lives in the way we are led, individually, first and foremost, and then corporately; since we can be of little value to each other if we don’t have any sense of who we are and where we’re headed. In fact, as you point out, if we don’t do this, then we are not truly living life, we are simply existing as puppets for some other entity to control.

    I had a wonderful happening yesterday, when an old friend, who I thought I had lost, called and we reconnected. And then your last sentence here, Robyn, means more than you know. I needed to hear it!

    Two blessings in two days, I wonder what will happen tomorrow?;-)

    I am finally learning that it is really the small things, the so called “insignificant” things, in life (which in reality, are huge) that are of the utmost importance in our lives.

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