Lunar Crepuscular Rays 2

By Brocken Inaglory (Own work) via Wikimedia Commons

In the mirror we see everything
critically and with reverence
everything that anyone
has ever said or done

Through the filtered glass
of all our days, neither
true faces nor warm bodies
match the visage we perceive

When the room holds but a candle
as the night is falling softly
when the shadows light the spaces
how the brightness is reflected!

As moonbeams flaunt the darkness
your blazing eyes behold
within the haze
pure truth prevails



3 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. Miss Lou says:

    Yes. Made me think about those times we struggle and tend to find the faults in the reflection. Amazing how much our thoughts change what we see at different times.

    Beautifully Written.


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  2. sojourner says:

    When I was much younger, I would stand in front of the mirror making sure I was ‘presentable’. Never once did I look in the mirror (look inward) to truly perceive the person staring back at me. The outer person was all there was then, so the inner person could, and would, wait.

    Now that I am much older, I sometimes stare at the person staring back in the mirror and think, Who are you? When did you get here? Why didn’t I see you before? Where did all the years go?

    “…the shadows light the spaces
    how the brightness is reflected!”

    I am no longer blinded (affected), one way or the other, by what others have said or done. When I look in the mirror, I see my self as I am, as I probably have always been, so “…pure truth prevails.”

    This poem, once again, registers with me, Robyn, because I have been looking for me for the last twenty years of my life. And I am just, now, beginning to find me.

    Thank you!

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  3. The mirror only reflects a part of us. The rest is the internal core. Another profound and thought-provoking piece Robyn!

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