What’s with all the questions?

Answering questions is not my forte.

red question mark

The big red question button, similar in function to the all-purpose doomsday button

Question me and you will get a response that is almost never what is expected, particularly if you’re wanting me to ease your doubts.

I’ve observed and pondered this quirk in my behaviour for a long time now and these days I can’t quite recall whether I’ve always been this way or it just kind of crept up on me one day – while I was dreaming.

I love to learn – new things, old things, patterns and disruptions, flows and cycles. Life is so endlessly intriguing and engaging through my eyes that it seems impossible for me to imagine any other way of being. So I answer questions with an almost unconscious intent of setting up the conditions for a learning experience, preferably involving laughter, smiles or little nods of recognition that we humans are all, essentially, in the same boat.

It is my heartfelt wish, from the centre of all that I am, to share the joy of learning and living with you. I want us to take a step or two down the road together, however brief.

I want you to offer me some way to relate, to walk away with some idea of how your shoes feel and your most recent speculations on the imprecise nature of our current destination, whatever it is that you’ve got going on.

I want you to take your choice from the menu of delights, insights, delusions and intuitions that may come tumbling from my being in any one moment and use them. Use them to bring yourself home if you’ve lost your centre, use them to inspire you into your next learning or maybe add a little light to your next great or tiny goal.

I most assuredly see myself in the business of elevation and reciprocity.

Sooner or later it also seems to turn out that when you use what I have on offer to constrain or reduce the reality of me, invariably you will find that you’re presenting me with an even greater gift – the irrefutable proof that there are times when people have completely given up on themselves and others. The broken times, when someone has entered the world of self-justifying or self-gratifying illusions.

“Excuse me, I can’t be human right now, I’m right in the thick of my own self-destructive implosion mission. Check back with me later.”

“No worries. I’m glad I’m not you right now.”

We are not separate, I know your pretend vacuum-sealed self is imaginary and hurts you one thousand times more than it hurts me. This is not news. I know because I’ve spent lots of time trying it out. I most certainly cannot conscionably recommend hanging out on that particular limb for too long, it’s bloody exhausting [or bloody and exhausting, your pick].

You don’t have to like me to enjoy the journey. I don’t have to like you for us to exchange genuine service with each other. Vile, virtuous, vexatious or the epitome of verity – I regard your presence as my reward. So go ahead and present yourself as a poo-flavoured dog-biscuit and watch me laugh at all the time and energy that was just wasted.

Seriously, come, lay your doubts on me brothers and sisters, then strap yourselves in and grab hold of your socially-engineered default-configuration hats, I think we’re in for a one hell of a wild ride!

5 thoughts on “What’s with all the questions?

  1. sojourner says:

    Wow! Robyn, I am so glad you posted this today!

    You see, I’ve been “a poo-flavoured dog-biscuit” for longer than I can remember!;-)

    Thank you, Robyn, for opening your self up to the rest of us this way, and giving us a place to come and share the excellence and mess all of us are!

    Liked by 1 person

    • jamborobyn says:

      Sojourner! That is one of the best comments I have ever received… I love your sense of humour, and your courage and openness, wisdom – human-ness. If you were the only person on earth who ever read my posts, it would still be enough to keep me going, my friend. Thank you for being you.

      Liked by 1 person

      • sojourner says:

        Thank you, Robyn!

        As I have said before, I always look forward to your postings. There are two blogs I go to because I know I will learn something about life, others and my self, and your blog, my friend, is one of these!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. sojourner says:

    Robyn, are you familiar with the following blog:


    I have given her your site url as well.

    Carol is of Native American heritage. And like you, she is a loving, wise person, a bright light in all of this darkness.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sheila rose says:

    Hi Robyn
    I stepped with you for a flicker and what a glow that flicker had on me…,,and maybe I was poo smelling dog biscuit but I bow to you and your eloquence of words
    Robyn my flickering friend


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