In colony

the dream is eons long
we have been entwined
you and I
since forever

on certain days
I ache to withhold my truth
to show you how it feels
to listen to endless lies

on other days
I tumble to the floor and bounce
to show you how it looks
to act from the real and present

no bargains can be struck
in the market for shadows

that mind’s light is so full
it throws it’s own shade
to all that might detract
from it’s righteous narrative

your hand-me-down economy
avoids all mention of entropy

the dream is eons long
you know
the one where I play
the swiss-army-knife version
of a scapegoat
and you deny everything

on certain days
we see you hurling platitudes
while dismantling ecosystems
and poking holes in rainbows

on other days
we see you acting out our own shadow-selves
and then we fall about laughing
at your feeble attempts
to direct the wind


10 thoughts on “In colony

  1. “your feeble attempts
    to direct the wind”

    So true! I love this one Robyn, but then again, I love everything you write. Keep writing! Keep writing!


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    • jamborobyn says:

      Yeah, I’m really not sure what possesses people when they think they can subdue the essential nature of human beings or prevent nature from doing interesting and surprising things. Half the time it makes me sad and angry, the other half of the time I really do crack up laughing at the people trying to refashion the world to their own image. They must be so frustrated… “Hang on a minute, I just oppressed you, now you are supposed to be quiet and stay over there, oh damn, there’s another one popping up over here…” Whack-a-mole!

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  2. Playing along to keep the peace or show ‘how it looks’ or ‘how it feels’ or, as you put it so eloquently, to ‘refashion the world’ to a perceived image. Thought-provoking Robyn! 👍🏻

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    • jamborobyn says:

      I’m fascinated by the dynamics of the coloniser/colonised relationship, or the unequal distribution of power in society – there seems to be this persistent side effect of wildly distorted perceptions. Those in a dominant position frequently misperceive the true limits of their power – kings used to think they were gods while erasing entire cultures as though somehow that would not be a dreadful loss for the whole of humanity. Meanwhile for the oppressed or the 5 people left alive in a certain culture following another pointless genocide, they are forever coming up with different ways to recover their sense of power in any situation, playing along or doing a bit of show and tell or, in moments of total clarity, laughing their heads off at the ludicrous antics of their oppressors. I’m not sure I’ve done the topic justice, but I’m sure I will revisit it in many forms as I learn more.


  3. I’ve changed my email so my image does not seem to appear. ~ Wendy


  4. Mayah says:

    Wow. This poem is so touching. Thanks for making my day a little better


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