Infinite loop

I’m not the only one who has thought this
yet I’m the only one I know who is locked
in an endless, mindless, cyclical
conversation with myself over the
contradiction of struggling for recognition
and usefulness-proving-my-worthiness
in the hope that a few crumbs will fall
from the robber’s table

May we live one more day

To partake in the veritable feast
of appropriated resources
cleaved from appropriated lands by
squishing cultures like flies between
nerve-deadened fingers
and people —
like flies
flies breeding in corpses
the sucked out husks of the eternal
commodified and sold back to us
for the small price of your soul
and a lifetime of fruitless toil

Let it burn, brother

what is left
what remains
after the sun
passes through

could this be
pre-dawn light
secrets whispered
something new?

wheels of time
whorls of life
breathing hope while
dreaming blue

one’s too close
two’s too far
finite realms crushed ‘neath
trembling shoe

march onwards
love will not
break lock-step with
what holds true


10 thoughts on “Infinite loop

  1. Wow! A smorgasbord of imagery Robyn and passionately written.

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  2. Passionate? Yes. Powerful? Yes. Beautifully expressed? Yes. Thank you for this gift.

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  3. Exquisite, Robyn – deep and pulsating anger followed by contemplative mastery and the hope to march onward with love and truth.

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    • jamborobyn says:

      Beautiful words that really touched my heart, Carol. Thank you! Something *clicked* for me in the wee hours of yesterday morning and I wrote this long before I consciously knew what the day would bring. We are all so connected, it’s awesome and humbling at the same time.


      • Your work always touches me deeply, Robyn. You are such a gifted thinker, poet, and writer. And the messages that come through you carry the power of love and healing. They are”awesome and humbling.”

        These past months, I’ve sometimes felt compelled to look back at the past and write about surviving difficult times, both as a child and as a powerful, perhaps fatally flawed, strong woman. I know when I publish these kinds of posts, some of the people who follow my blog won’t understand them or like them. But it feels so important to remember how to stand during difficult times. My people have done it for centuries through far more oppressive and dangerous times in the past. Similar times are possible (likely?) in the future. I feel driven to use whatever forums I have (blogging, teaching, getting to know people in my neighborhood) to build connections and hope. To build knowledge and concrete skills that will enable us to exercise local collective-sufficiency and sovereignty. It feels like a time of great danger and a time of powerful awakening. I’m not surprised to hear that you feel that connection, too.

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      • jamborobyn says:

        Ha! I had an entire conversation with you after reading your comment at the time, none of it made it into a reply though, sorry about that. I see now that what you wrote directly influenced my next poem. I’m quite amused at the little ruse I played out with myself there. 😉

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  4. mihrank says:

    your words is like walking into paradise with piano melody and candles…

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