Immediate access code

I don’t know all the names
by which you are summoned.
Sensing the many-layered resonances
in the stillness between
this heart-beat and that nerve-pulse,
where the breath lies empty,
time is even weaker than gravity.

Wading through the torrential
outpouring of carefully cultivated
bits of data, coalescing into
a category we might call news,
I am becoming as one attuned –
the seer of mysteries and
the oracle of plutocratic expediency.

The keystone for every good joke
is misdirection, like that time
they drained the oceans and provided
desalination-in-a-box kits for arid lands,
quiescing the climate protectors
with seven generations of indenture
for the privilege of a drop of clean water.

The drunkard, drowning in a deluge
of his own illusions will do anything
to extract one last drink, ad nauseum,
spewing out slack-jawed solutions to
supply chain problems – fracks himself
some lubricant for the road to annihilation.
Mate, we’d better hide his bloody car keys
before he kills us all.

I don’t know all the names
by which you are summoned.
In this bottomless cycle of avarice,
the accretion of our histories is forged
in the bodies of children and tattooed
inside our eyelids. No matter how we’re
chained up, we have always been free.

Our immediate access code,
the soul-memory of our ancestors,
is written in the blood of love.



  1. ‘fracks himself
    some lubricant for the road to annihilation’ – especially struck by these lines, but there is such visceral authority (truth) in this work, Robyn. The image your words bring to my mind is of a dagger ruthlessly gouging the earth’s strata. All the never-ending broadcasts of misinformation have us like rabbits caught in the truck headlights. Some of us are so befuddled we don’t even recognise this.

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    1. I wasn’t sure about that line, it exposed something in me that I’d rather not reveal (to be on the safe side)… Perhaps it’s the very essence of what I was trying to express – the raw emotion that arises, but it never rises in isolation. Do you ever think that the challenge and the solution arise together? This is how I feel at the moment. Such as, if we would simply feel – in it’s entirety – we would find (in the space between) the solution is with us also, it is encoded in our DNA – the entire history of human survival , overcoming, living together, adaptation, it’s all right here.

      From one perspective, the desperation behind all the misinformation is designed to keep us stuck. Fully-powered up humans cannot be controlled, they will not hand over their liberty and their future to fools, at least not for longer than it takes to break their own cycle of fear.

      To expand on your mention of rabbit in the headlights, which has been in my mind for weeks now… here is a visually arresting depiction of that concept that has stayed with me for almost 20 years. It fits in the context here, although the music might not be everyone’s style, the video goes perfectly with this poem.

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      1. Well, I can well see why that video stuck with you. Disturbing elemental truth here. That is also a very big question you ask: ‘Do you ever think that the challenge and the solution arise together?’ I believe we do have the capacity to go in that space, and find wise, and empowering answers, but most of us need to be led there, and in the time it takes to gear people up to focus, some powerful vested interest has slipped in and is telling people that the challenge is something completely different, and being human, we would rather believe in a cosy-sounding option, even if it is a complete lie. I suppose we become blunted, and that’s a real danger. Then the rabblerousers have their day. It’s hard for us as individuals to keep ourselves strong, and hang on to any sense of autonomy. We no longer have to face the wilderness to find our food each day, or trek for miles to find fresh water. Perhaps when everyone was dealing with such endless survival challenges, it kept us wiser and stronger and focused and respectful of the planet. Gosh, Robyn, you’ve got my mind running hellforleather this morning. I spent my long ago student years trying to explore the mindset of Paleolithic and also contemporary surviving hunting peoples. I have always felt we have a lot to learn there. You take care. And keep up the good, good, work.

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