The Collective

From the deep blue of ocean and sky
I draw the sense of a serene vastness
An amphitheatre for the renaissance

From light to shadow to light to shade
Endless exponential cycles of realisation
I am sitting here with night-blindness

All-quiet, by myself
Waiting for my vision to clear
I pause to wonder…
Who said the collective had to be unconscious?


This poem is dedicated to the four angels that keep hanging out the lanterns for me to find my way. They’ve got A reserve seats in that amphitheatre, for sure.

Lorraine Spencer


Claire Marie O’Brien



Agrajag: Are we optimised for learning?

The delayed response is posted, finally. I have been off on numerous tangents since Cloak Unfurled put up this last post in the conversation on being born defenseless.
Are there any readers who want to chime in and rescue me? I am a lay person, he is a scientist, my brain is creaking.
English: human experiences/ learning

English: human experiences/ learning (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To be straight with you Swarn, I don’t think being defenseless is the goal, more so an optimal condition, or a set of conditions that could be optimized.

Say you were to view everything you know about life on earth in terms of learning. We humans seem to be able to survive countless sets of conditions and it could be due to the fact that final connections in the nervous system, the brain, are made outside of the womb and can be influenced by environmental factors, allowing for even greater possibility for supportive alignment between the organism and the environment.

This learning outside the womb at some point will also involve the conscious mind, as in, we become consciously aware of and eventually begin to support the process of learning how to interact with our environment. So in theory it is repeatable as an act of volition. We can unconsciously or consciously adapt to so many potential environmental influences and I believe it is that which expands our intelligence and our intellectual capacity.

So I posit that adaptation is our human advantage, learning is how we exhibit, practice or grow this capacity and intelligence is the result or outcome of many lifetimes of growth. In short, I believe intelligence can grow, and the how is by learning more. Not learning more things or accumulating more data, but seeking to refine and expand the learning skill or capacity on an individual level.

Currently in the world there is a predisposition to laud the virtues of those with apparent intellectual capacity or significant creative capacity. However there are also a wealth of opportunities for improving the learning function in the area between these two examples where most human beings would sit. Extremes are for extremists, the world is made better by lifting all of us up, not just those at extreme ends of human possibility.

Where is the midpoint for human awareness and can we raise it? If we can raise the bar, would we want to and how could we do so cooperatively?

I encourage you to check out the Sugata Mitra video link below.

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