Fiction of violence

It’s a breathtakingly sweet sensation
That silence before revelation
You care about this information
I swear there was no indication

All these souls lit with pure emotion
Twice reflecting such dedication
Magnifying our mass devastation
‘Til the density overcame hesitation

Was that babe on the wings of an eagle?
Did he drown in an ocean of evil?
Was he burned from our hearts like the devil?
Laid to rest as a meme for the seagulls?

Now we’re done with silly expectations
‘Twas but a momentary lapse of devotion
To an exercise in overt domination
Paying violence and bombs in reparation

I find nothing civil in a civilisation
That willingly kills civilians of any nation
And oppressing the young through incarceration
Will not quell the human will to emancipation

Thus we preach from our privileged eyrie
About twice removed things we find scary
Looking askance at his face dark and hairy
Lamenting a fictional past that was carefree


Update: In particular, this poem is in memory of Alan Kurdi and Ali Saad Dawabshe, but as the day wears on my thoughts have progressed… we are losing so many children daily, I find it all so unacceptable. The very real impact of the pursuit of violence on innocent children flashes across our awareness for brief incandescent moments. A lot of us are outraged, a lot of us do a few clicks and type a few words. No one person can stop this from happening, it needs everyone to care, to maintain a sense of solidarity, to persist even when it hurts too much, until we change our course.

So I’m working on a list of children killed in 2015 due to violent oppression. If you have names or stories to contribute please add them to the comments. Perhaps their image and story did the rounds of social media, perhaps they were covered up or died so quietly that it seemed like they were of no value at all.  All I know is they didn’t die for our entertainment or polite interest, even if only one person in the world thinks they were important, from where I stand every one of them is a real and tragic loss for all humanity.




There is no place for me here
Watching the evil accumulate
Turn back on itself and reproduce
Exponentially, overloading the senses
Until some days I wish it would all simply split apart –
The entire cosmos
The malignancy of civilised existence
An abhorrent, recurrent, shock

Consume, consume, gorge and regurgitate
Consume in ever-increasing cycles
That distinctive taint
Our instinctive taste for
Racing towards extinction
Oh! It’s not happening fast enough for you?

So you’ll bomb them into submission
Punish them into collusion with your
Violently warped illusions
Make them strive beyond reason
Until interdependence is banished as treason
Exiled from from the commonly conscious
And once again relegated to the home
Of foolish myths for the idealogues

Perhaps the only human way to experience
A fleeting time-speck of control
Over the magnificence of existence
Is to bring all that is life
All that opposes your every whim
To it’s earliest devastation

The darkness is accumulating
Many notches on the strop
The era of the whipping-boy
Is alive on every street
I’ve got a hopeless wish
There might come a day where
Humankind will understand
This is not freedom.