The Crystal City

Scaling peaks, I sometimes fall
     sliding sands slow the climb
Fumbling feet, legs a-quiver
     choking dust, left and right
Spirits, bodies, disappear
     into chasms rent through time.

Crawling forth now, hands and knees
     the summit fills my sight
Striking through the mists and trees
     gold, cerise, rose and lime!
Haul this carcass o’er the crest
     and into bright sunlight.

Standing on that mountain top
     heaving chest, clothed in grime
Abandoning past intent
     alarmed at this new plight
Rainbow mountains everywhere
     surrounding fields of thyme!

And far off in the distance, the crystal city’s spires
Glint and tease and beckon, a wind chime of desires.

For seven years I journeyed
     through vales of clementine
Trekking alps of breathing hell
     exhaustion by my side
Pray! this soul would live to reach
     that city so divine.

Our sun had reached it’s zenith
     so hope picked up a ride
Alas! laid out before me
     tho’ city’s heights doth shine
A river flows, so deep and pure
     to bar my path inside.

Amber-walled with gates of quartz
     no vision could refine
Beneath the streams, the jaws of
     alligators yawn wide
Oh! onyx kerbs, citrine streets
     these eyes brim full with brine.

Sparkling eyes like peridot, behind you see the fires
Smiles, it seems, with reptile minds, this gut to fear inspires

Battling through the centuries
     losing all the while
Bleeding hearts and artists know
      they aren’t the battling type
But oh! that city beckons
     It’s light just makes me 🙂

Could I find a way across?
     my theories are cold tripe
Eventually I’d learn ways
     to keep them quite docile
‘Gator guards are living too
     I won’t believe the hype

I take a stick, throw it far
     “These methods I revile!
I’m worn, I’m weak, can hardly speak
     Our history I wipe.”
She’s ending feuds despite her will
     “Let’s take a different style”

I can’t speak of everything compassion’s gift requires
Smiling back at alligators, brought my heart’s desires.

When I forgot

English: Darn, I forgot my toothbrush again

When I forgot to cry
Compassion passed me by
When I forgot to love
Shame wrapped me in it’s glove

When I forgot to grieve
My past I couldn’t leave
When I forgot to share
The world became unfair

When I forgot to dance
Each day was like a trance
When I forgot to hope
I simply couldn’t cope

When I forgot to live
My heart I couldn’t give
When I forgot to be
Nothing was left of me

Being a human is OK

I’m dreaming through the storms gone past
I’m tossed within the ebb and flow
I feel I’m coming home at last
Asleep, awake, I come and go

It’s all mixed up a tangled mess
It’s dark, it’s light, it’s sun and snow
I’m wrong, I’m right, I must confess
That I don’t know which way to go

But all is right, deep in the night
I fall down on my knees and say
“Although I’m lost and have no sight
Though nothing’s clear, I feel okay.”

Each day goes by then starts anew
Today is not like yesterday
Come celebrate this earthly brew
And sing this song, “We’re all okay.”

What is the function of a galaxy?

What is the function of a galaxy?
What is the reason we dream?
How far can I travel in proximity
To the ocean by swimming the stream?

Would my mind rip apart in calamities
Should I fall from the back of this horse
That rides through the heart of polarities
And recoils at the notion of force?

I float from the centre of gravity
Today I am left with a question,
What is the goal of humanity –
To what kind of end am I destined?

Run and hide

We fled
you were pregnant
holding your belly as
we ran
through bushy growth
verging on the shore as
we tired
with no rest allowed
gasping for caught breath as
we dove
beneath the waves
breaking thick and fast as
we swam
round crags, hiding
first frantic then awed as
we stood
on a sandbank
panic receding as
we watched
the pursuers
from safe ground for
the moment.


A sea of integrity

Sunlight Feed

I dream I feel my soul is me
We’re joined intangible integration
I act from places deep and sure
We journey this rich full life together

In motion we travel an intransient sea
We dive and somersault swimming far
I dance with you my own dear heart
We undulate in graceful pleasure

And all who come to touch the mirror
Alarmed aghast at our infinite truth
Come back for more like goldfish feeding
Sustenance sunlight our dreams renew

Us as one
We have become