Surrender: Jambo Style

Let us move towards this future
The one we imagined
The one that had us filled with such hope!

Let’s be that now

And if we’re particularly lucky
Which some, if not all of us, most certainly are
We’ll get to live it


Seeds in the dung

There’s always more sacrifices
Coming down the pipe
Discarded lives and trusts
It all falls somewhere
Cascading, descending
Through the monocular lens of the history of people
Observed, absorbed
By those who’d never survive such a thing

In the cauldron of despair
We learn to breathe muck
We persist
Fortitude breeds what reality teaches
And we are cracked open by our quest
For that invisible tunnel
With the light of truth at the end
Or the fearless vastness of simple freedom

From the sacks of false emancipation
Lumbered around on quivering backs
Seeds drop into the dung
One day, relinquishing the struggle
For a retreat to past conditions
The next, bursting through the earth
On urgent safari to the sun
Unbelievably, inevitably
Startling those who’d never survive such a thing

What was one man’s garbage
Now wields the power of transformation
What was so much flotsam and freely expendable
Today has one word.

Doing nothing

In the absence of doing
There lies a face in the mirror
Somehow unfamiliar

In the absence of future
There lies no past, but the present
Somehow all-pervading

In the absence of striving
There lies an ease, and achievement?
Somehow unimportant

In the presence of being
I find my home, and it’s fluid
Somehow I am freedom.

Twice and quite recently, I have put forward the concept of wu wei in comments without explaining anything at all. This poem I wrote more than 20 years ago back when I was first becoming aware of this ancient Taoist principle. There was an accompanying lino print that I also made at the time which is now just a memory… I hope the words are enough to give an idea.