On this day

This morning’s glance at the front page of the newspaper has left me heartbroken for the sacrifice of this boy… http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-03-12/jake-bilardi-islamic-state-alleged-blog-radicalisation-journey/6306844

I am of the ocean
Hear me sing
Of all that’s passed my way
This day.

I have left the ocean
See me fly
Blind men and fools cry out

I dream of the ocean
Feel my heart
This truth-seeking missile

I weep for the ocean
Watch me fade
Beyond existence, my plight

If they could see what I have become
United in sacrifice
Glorious and deliberate
Calm and convicted
Alone and desperate
I will name this moment –

On this day
I will exist.



How many people died on your watch?

Perhaps we should judge the worth of global leaders on the basis of human sacrifice ratios…

Interviewer: “How many people died on your watch?”

Global Leader: “If you factor in this and that and then the other excuse and then look at it backwards whilst standing on your head. Hmm, I’d say… not as many as the previous bloke.”

Interviewer: “Awesome! Have you ever considered aiming for zero? I mean wouldn’t it be great if there were no preventable deaths, anywhere on earth, while you were running the show.”

Global Leader: “Er, that’s impossible and naive…”

Interviewer: “Yes, but you would get points for originality, for just giving it a try, even if it seems utterly hopeless.”

Global Leader: “Don’t be silly, they’d crucify me!”


Seeds in the dung

There’s always more sacrifices
Coming down the pipe
Discarded lives and trusts
It all falls somewhere
Cascading, descending
Through the monocular lens of the history of people
Observed, absorbed
By those who’d never survive such a thing

In the cauldron of despair
We learn to breathe muck
We persist
Fortitude breeds what reality teaches
And we are cracked open by our quest
For that invisible tunnel
With the light of truth at the end
Or the fearless vastness of simple freedom

From the sacks of false emancipation
Lumbered around on quivering backs
Seeds drop into the dung
One day, relinquishing the struggle
For a retreat to past conditions
The next, bursting through the earth
On urgent safari to the sun
Unbelievably, inevitably
Startling those who’d never survive such a thing

What was one man’s garbage
Now wields the power of transformation
What was so much flotsam and freely expendable
Today has one word.