Ode to Peacockery

In a silly mood, way too much haiku appearing in my reader. This is no complaint thank you to everyone who takes the time, I just don’t think I fully understand the form.

My first (and quite possibly last) haiku is incorrectly referenced as an ode, any other mistakes should be cleverly hidden by that little ruse..no? Perhaps this an opportunity for review of any misdirectional guidance policies. What do you think about haiku? I don’t expect this topic to capture my attention for long, but it spawned haiku so it must be good.

A peacock summons

prey, predator and a mate

this pretty tail ends

Whatever you’re doing today, make sure you leave something for tomorrow or you may end up in a non-stop haiku writing frenzy and wondering why. I know there is very little chance of that and it is not entirely a bad thing, still…